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SheTaxi is a personal development site dedicated to keep women moving forward. We provide tools, resources and connection to fuel your inner drive.

What is SheTaxi?

HOMEPAGE What is SheTaxi

SheTaxi is a personal development community dedicated to keep moving women forward. We provide tools, training and connection to fuel your inner drive.

Life is challenging, even more so with a pandemic – and a lot of the time no one talks about that. That’s why, beginning in January, SheTaxi is launching a membership community. 

We are an open and subscription-based community of confidants that combines exclusive content, secure social networking, forums, support on key topics and tools to enrich members’ lives. Content and conversations are led by TeamTaxi, a group of tell-it-like-you-lived it women with key areas of expertise and life experience. We’re committed to your overall well-being and ensuring you stay connected with others. Hop in. 

How SheTaxi is Different


Directly from the women who lived it and lived to tell about it, we explore the more challenging areas of life, self-worth and societal pressure from fresh, forward-thinking perspectives (plural!). Often emotionally charged, these are areas that aren’t often mined deeply by mainstream outlets: body image, caretaking, loneliness, addiction, competition amongst women. 

Social net that Works

Driven by information, honesty, and the desire for collective success, this is a social club with shared goals and interests. SheTaxi links members to experts and advisors as needed, and takes it into deeper workshops and study. We don’t just talk, we rock.

Members Only

A closed yet ever-expanding circle means you can let your hair down without fear of exposure to your boss or business,  the flame-out aggression of anonymous public forums, or the mean-girl, frenemy culture that can exist offline.


We want to see and evoke the best in each other and treat each other with respect, openness and dare we say, love. As pressures mount, we are in ever-more need of a positive, mutually supportive antidote to the “mean girl” syndrome perpetuated by mass and social media.

Value Statements

What we strive for:

  • Understanding & Acceptance: Of ourselves and others.
  • Authenticity: Come as we are – no “game faces.”
  • Vulnerability: Judge-free & should-free community.
  • Nurturing: Ourselves and one another.
  • Increased Well-being: Caring for our mind, body & spirit.

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