What Is SheTaxi?

Did you know that the word “taxi” is universal in every language, and it means movement? Yep, that’s right. And the “she” – well that’s me…and you moving forward.

Focus Areas

Emotional Fitness Training, Nonprofit Bootcamp, Leadership & Management Training, Women In Biz

These are my sweet spots where I feel rock solid on sharing my knowledge and expertise to teach, inspire and support others. I love helping you develop your inner self, as well as teaching the fundamentals for a nonprofit business, connecting and supporting women in business and coaching young professionals on their developing their leadership and management skills. 

Carpooling Cohorts

I am a BIG believer that you learn more when working with others. We can all work one-on-one with a coach, however, learning alongside and supporting your peers provides added values that you would not receive by going it alone.  SheTaxi is a special community of women who allow themselves to be vulnerable, kind to each other and brave enough to tackle the hard stuff. The testimonials say it all!

Not a Quick Fix = Journey

We’ve all attended a conference or workshop and had grand ideas of how we would implement what we learned when returning back home, or to the office. However, as humans, we tend to go right back to what we were doing and change never happens. Not here at SheTaxi! Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, practice and accountability. We learn, collaborate, plan and establish benchmarks to keep you moving forward in your personal and professional development.

Inner Drive

A key principle at SheTaxi is strengthening the inner self. Whether you’re working on living a healthier life, cultivating your leadership skills or developing your business acumen, self-awareness is instrumental to all aspects of your life. Your whole self. When you’re stronger on the inside, you’re better on all sides.

Value Statements

Understanding & Acceptance: Of ourselves and others. Authenticity: Come as we are – no “game faces.” Vulnerability: Judge-free & should-free community. Commitment: To the work, the process and each other.

Recent Blog Posts

Authentic Conversations Name The Fear

Connection. Real connection can only occur when we are willing to risk, willing to create or participate in conversations that allow us to be vulnerable. Just beneath the words that we text and type – speak is an emotion and often in difficult conversations, it’s fear. [test this out, when you read or type a social media post that is […]

It’s Not the Load that Breaks You Down, It’s the Way You Carry It

I know it is unusual to make a quoted phrase the title of a blog post, but the phrase is so impactful it merits being the title. I am not completely certain who said it, it could be one or all the following bright souls; author C.S. Lewis, actress Lena Horne, or former football coach Lou Holtz. A byproduct of […]

Self Care Biz Tips for BIZY People: G = Gratitude Attitude

Fall has arrived and it’s a great time for an attitude check. Sure you wish you were still in the summer mode, but this happens every year where we have to readjust back to those structured days of the “school year” calendar. So instead of fighting it, why not take time out for some Gratitude.  We can never get enough of that […]

Let’s Talk Bucket Lists

I’m a list maker. Grocery lists. To-do lists. Vacation packing lists. Business task lists. I even have a list going this week that outlines my daughter’s upcoming dance nationals schedule and all the extras we need to bring. Most of the lists I make support other people in my life—my clients, my family, my business. They don’t support me so […]

Getting Back to Business As We Adjust to Life Post Pandemic

For months I longed for nothing but social interaction. I felt trapped in my house and just wanted to be back out in the world. Now, most parts of my life are back to “normal”. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited and so grateful that we are where we are and it seems that the pandemic is slowing, but […]

Surrender As An Act of Faith

I’m stirring this one around in my mind this week. Asking myself what am I currently afraid to surrender and why even the word surrender stirs discomfort for me. You and I are being faced with decisions and circumstances that we have not had to face previously. Decisions on what we will focus or minds, hearts and yes, our very […]

Forces Unite

SheTaxi and Rochester Womens Magazine have joined forces. In every issue, SheTaxi responds to questions related to your business side of life. Questions could be how do I manage someone who is 25 years older than me” or when do I tell my boss I am pregnant”?


All questions are welcome. If youre thinking about something, someone else is too! Submit your questions here.


Peggy was my manager and continues to be a mentor for me. She is a strong leader and is extremely knowledgeable in fundraising and development. Along with being professional, Peggy is very kind hearted and genuine, and she is passionate about using her talents to make the world a better place.

~Elizabeth, Rochester, MN

I worked with Peggy this past year and she has been wonderful to have as a friend, coach and someone who keeps me on track. She understands how life goes and works with me through all of the ups and downs, keeping me on track and headed in the right direction. I have grown a lot through my Accountability Team and am thankful for the women I have met, who are now my friends. I made changes that I never would have made on my own.

~Anne, Mankato, MN

SheTaxi’s Emotional Fitness Training is a place where women can support each other and learn from each other without tearing each other down. It makes me feel accepted for who I am and respected for the knowledge I’ve acquired along my life’s path.

~Darla, Kansas City, MO

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