Always Keep Dreaming and Living

I’ve been thinking…

I suppose that is not extraordinary.  Many of us have been displaced or experienced life changes during the quarantine associated with COVID-19.

The busy-ness of life came to a halt for many of us.

Milestones and holidays came and went.

Births and deaths happened.

One death that really struck a chord with me was that of Regis Philbin.

I spent the mornings of my college years (getting ready for class) with Regis Philbin’s voice sounding off in my dorm room or apartment.

He seemed fearless and not susceptible to age.

Regis always entertained me and made me laugh.

Many have said (and I agree) that he could take an ordinary life event and make a hilarious story from it.

After his death, I realized something about Regis.

He didn’t reach the height of his professional success until he was in mid-life.

His failures didn’t stop him.

Think about it, his show with Kathie Lee didn’t become nationally syndicated until he was 57 years old.

Another example, regardless of your political preferences, is Joe Biden.

Joe Biden ran for President the first time when I was in high school.

30+ years later, he is doing it again.

There is something to be said for not abandoning the dream even though life will take twists and turns that may deviate you from it for a while.

Or you may fail at it many times.

Prior to COVID-19, I lost a dear friend to cancer, on the day after Christmas.

She was only 50 years old.

In her short life, she accomplished a lot personally and professionally and never stopped traveling and doing the things she loved.

Her life, in both healthy and sick times, inspired me in many ways.

Even though she is not here, I hear her voice in my head, always encouraging me.

All three of these people inspired me because I am in midlife too (having celebrated a quarantine milestone birthday).

And from early on in my life, I wanted to be a writer or a sportscaster.

These seemed to be fleeting dreams and not necessarily good options for a female in the early 90s.

Those opportunities were few and far between.

So I got my business degree and worked in various capacities through the years.

I enjoyed those jobs.

But I always kept the desire to write in the back of my head.

Recent opportunities have given me a chance to do just that.

I am fulfilling a dream of my youth at midlife.

You may wonder why I am sharing all of this with you on SheTaxi.

Well, I really enjoyed reading the SheTaxi blogs years ago.

I found them inspiring, and I was thrilled that Peggy was revisiting and reviving her dream again.

SheTaxi is inspiring and positive.

And in this time of COVID-19, we need to focus on uplifting messages.

Here is my uplifting message for you:

Take baby or big steps to fulfill what you believe is your inner purpose.

Or if life is too much and you need to step away, that’s okay too.

Don’t beat yourself up or call yourself a failure.

Keep the dream in the back of your head and come back to it when circumstances allow you to.

Wendi Oliveros


Wendi Oliveros is a freelance writer, sports fan, and resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  In addition to writing, she tries to make time for reading and exercising.  She is married and has two children, 14 and 12 years of age.

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