5 Ways To Be Supportive Other's Lifestyle Changes Without Judgment

5 Ways to Be Supportive Other’s Lifestyle Changes Without Judgment

This time of year is full of people starting down a new healthy path or re-engaging with a prior one. They will be full of glee about how awesome they feel from exercising more, detoxing, following a vegan, gluten-free or paleo diet or a slew of other methods they will want to tell you about. This is awesome. I love it when people want to share their successes in health. 

However, what I have noticed about myself is that sometimes I judge them. I judge them if their healthy path is not one that I subscribe to in my own life. Everyone should be doing what I’m doing! How come they don’t see that?

Then I remind myself of my own belief that everyone’s healthy lifestyle is their own, not mine. I would not want my friends and family to judge me, so why would I judge them?

I am confident I’m not alone. I’m sure you all have friends that are making lifestyle changes you may or may not agree with. My challenge for you is to find ways to be supportive. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. When your friend turns down the offer for a second glass of wine, let’s not make a big deal of it. Instead, talk about how great sparkling water is. 
  2. Is your bff following a paleo diet and you’re mostly vegan? Get together for a pedicure and discuss how healthy you both feel.  The pedicure chairs don’t discriminate.
  3. Has your sister signed up for a triathlon and races just aren’t your thing? Be her biggest fan at the race (signs, cowbells, the whole works). You’ll be amazed how inspiring it is to be a fan and she will be forever grateful to see a friendly face when she needs it most. 
  4. Say your mom has gone gluten-free, but you are an all-star baker. How about trying to create a dish using some new-to-you flours (like garbanzo or almond)? You get to expand your skills and the gesture speaks volumes. 
  5. Maybe your spouse has decided that yoga is life. Have him/her teach you a few basic poses. Who knows…maybe they’ll heat things up!

In addition to these examples, kind words can go a long way. A simple, “Congrats!”, “You look great!”, or “Way to Go!”, will mean a lot. Give it a try. In the end, everyone wins.

About the Author

Jen HjelleJen Hjelle is passionate about health. She firmly believes leading a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone. For Jen it involves cooking tasty dishes, staying fit through biking, running and yoga, and connecting with awesome friends over good wine. You can also find Jen on her blog, Jen and Company


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