Intern Team


Jazmin Petrantonio

Business Development Intern

Jazmin Petrantonio is a rising senior at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Business Management with a concentration in International Management. Jazmin is 23 years old, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is studying in the United States while representing her institution at the Division II level in the sport of Field Hockey.

“I chose SheTaxi because I believe that we, women, are amazing and with the right mentorship and guidance, we can create amazing things, especially when we are united for the same cause. Additionally, I chose SheTaxi because I believe Peggy is an amazing life coach and there is nobody else I’d rather learn from.”

Intern-Team_Shoshana Siegel

Shoshana Siegel

Editorial Intern

Shoshana lives in Decatur, Georgia with her two fabulous cats, Savannah and Kendra. Passionate about writing and editing, she’s currently pursuing her MA in Communications at Johns Hopkins University.

“I chose SheTaxi because I believe women should support each other in reaching our goals. I think that whether we realize it or not, each of our lives is a team effort and none of us should go at it alone.”

Intern-Team_Melat -Tefera

Melat Tefera

Marketing Intern

Melat Tefera is a 22-year-old international student from Ethiopia, pursuing her degree in Consumer Experience Management and Marketing at the University of North Texas. Her life motto is “Be grateful and count your blessings.”

“I chose SheTaxi because I have always loved working with and learning from women with different experiences and backgrounds. SheTaxi has not only given me a work experience, but it has helped me expand my network with amazing, encouraging women next to me!”


Kaela George

Marketing Intern

Kaela George is a senior studying Communications and Media Studies at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia. While interning at SheTaxi, she plans to develop her content writing skills and learn about employing social media for marketing strategies. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, gardening, and adding to her mineral collection.

“I chose SheTaxi because I love helping women center themselves and realize they are strong and capable of anything they put their mind to. Additionally, I wanted an internship that would challenge me to use my skills as a Communications major, and I think Peggy is a great instructor to help along the way.”

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