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Team Taxi is a group of extraordinary women sharing experiences from their personal and professional lives. They are saying goodbye to airbrushing and impossible ideals, and hello to topics that matter. Compassionate, brave, lively, and frank, it’s a come-as-you-are community that grows together and connects you with friends you just haven’t met yet. Meet the team!

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Darcie Bauman

Human identity and rights advocate and leader, president of Mosaic Knowledge, LLC., mother of seven and firewife.
Waconia, MN

“I am thrilled to be a part of SheTaxi and share my passion of normalizing and empowering women in the LGBTQ+ community through the education and awareness for women not familiar with our community, culture, challenges and gifts. Our stories will enlighten each other.”


Dot Belstler

Executive Director, Twin Cities Pride
Andover, MN

“I am involved with She Taxi because I truly believe women supporting other women is a great model. There’s so much we can learn from each other and so much that only other women can understand. Whether it’s family, work, self-care, or a multitude of other concerns, She Taxi is where we can turn  to each other for support.”

Team-Taxi_Amy Countryman

Amy Countryman

Senior Manager, American Cancer Society
Eagan, MN

“I am part of the SheTaxi community because I genuinely believe women are stronger together. Authentic female friendships provide love, support and strength. Daily encouragement from other women is truly fuel for my day. Let’s face it…life is clumsy and hard but as women, at least is true for me, we need the daily reminder that we’re not alone, we are understood and we are enough! I believe SheTaxi is a powerful community of women (aka: ‘friends I have yet to meet’) that will help me continue to grow on my life-journey, one clumsy day at a time.”


Kelly Domaille

Real Estate Broker at Keller Williams Premier Realty
Byron, MN

“I chose to get involved with Peggy and her mission/passion of SheTaxi because, like her, I am at an age where I have earned the right to enjoy myself and my life, free of judgement and care for what others think.  Obviously, I still work in the community, so there has to be some “filter;” however, this community of women empowering women both in lifting each other up while allowing us to let our hair down, vent a little and laugh a lot, is just what we all need. I look forward to sharing, growing and meeting some new friends along the way!”


Carol Ebert

RN, MA, Certified Wellness Practitioner & Wellness Coach
Dakota, MN

“I am committed to inspiring and guiding women toward achieving their personal and professional wellness goals and providing them with the tools they need for success. SheTaxi is a perfect fit for me because we both support the philosophy of mind, body and spirit living. I’m excited to be a part of this community committed to moving women forward..”


Pilar Galvan

Professional and Executive Coach – International Coaching Federation
Mexico City, Mexico

“SheTaxi is committed to provide tools, resources and connection to women around the world, so that we can all rise up together. Being a part of Team Taxi also provides me an outlet to work with my dear friend Peggy, and to share my coaching expertise to a broader community of women.”


Melissa Harrison

CEO and founder of Allee Creative LLC
St. Michael, MN

“I am a part of the SheTaxi community because I value connections with other women and I want to be a part of conversations where we can help one another out and lift each other up.”


Sherry Irvin

Breaking down the stigmas of alcoholism, childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders
Rochester, MN

“I am passionate about breaking down the labels, misconceptions and myths around addiction, sexual abuse and eating disorders. SheTaxi allows me to be my authentic self to share my story and experiences to help other women.”


Mary Jacobs

Founder of The Women’s Excelerator & Director of the Center for Sales Innovation at St. Catherine University
St. Paul, MN

“I met Peggy years ago when she first started SheTaxi. She has such an exceptional positive attitude and energy that when she told me about her mission for SheTaxi, I wanted to be a part of it. She has an incredible vision for being able to help women, and it comes from her heart. I love the fact that she not only wants to inspire women with her website but that she also is building a community of women who are supporting each other and lifting each other up. I’m excited for what the new year will bring for SheTaxi!”


Sami Jo Helmers-Nelson

Senior Manager, American Cancer Society, Dunnell, MN

“Life is full. Full of struggles, victories, ups and downs. It is also full of encouragement and inspiration. With SheTaxi, we are able to realize that we aren’t alone, we have a wealth of resources available to us and that we can, with the help of others, conquer the world. What I love the most about SheTaxi is that it is inclusive of all women in all different walks and stages of life  One way or another, you’re bound to connect, grow and find hope along the way. “

Team-Taxi_Wendi Oliveros

Wendi Oliveros

Marketing at Keystone Business Transitions, LLC Lancaster, PA

“I chose SheTaxi because in 2021, more than ever, we need to lift each other up and give each other hope, help, and inspiration. Positivity is so important right now.”

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