Connection. Real connection can only occur when we are willing to risk, willing to create or participate in conversations that allow us to be vulnerable.

Just beneath the words that we text and type – speak is an emotion and often in difficult conversations, it’s fear. [test this out, when you read or type a social media post that is angry consider what might be the fear behind those words].

What would happen if we started to simply be vulnerable and state the fear in gracious ways versus type over it with anger, insult or possibly passive aggressive tones/sarcasm?

When we name and then are transparent about our fears in a conversation with another person, that vulnerability can give birth to a simple joy and gives less room for confusion and drama that depletes our already tapped resources.

Whether it is at home, work, faith community or with a friend, create authentic conversations, safe conversations where people can be vulnerable with their fears and you will see people come alive with curiosity, innovative thinking, greater engagement and the courage to do the next brave thing.

About the author;

Sandy Anderson, MS
Sandy works with organizations, teams, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are seeking to design their work and life with intention versus settling for a default version.

She serves through organizational consulting, leadership coaching conversations, team development training as well as life coaching, authentic writing, and various speaking platforms. Her work is rooted in research-based strategies and leverages the practical tools she designs for her client’s unique needs to fuel resiliency, relevancy and relationship in how they lead, live and love!


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