SheTaxi Membership

A personal development membership that guarantees at least 90 minutes a month focusing on YOU.

Upcoming Workshop: Road to Well-Being: Establishing Your Plan & Maintenance Check – T., May 11 @ 6:30pm (CST)


The Premium membership comes with several benefits and easy-to-use tools to fuel your inner drive, and keep moving you forward.

√ Affordable
√ Not a lot of time
√ Assures “you’re not crazy”
√ Connection & accountability
√ Support in a judge-free zone
√ Inspiring & relatable teachers
√ Guaranteed monthly self-care
√ Needed laughs (& maybe tears)


SheTaxi Membership

Primary Benefits

Monthly Workshops

Each month, you have 90 minutes dedicated just to you. From establishing your well-being plan to learning to manage self-talk to setting boundaries with those around you, every topic will fuel your inner drive and keep moving you forward.

Monthly Tune-Ups

Live Tune-Ups (online meetings) are held twice a month with all SheTaxi members. Tune-Ups, which are facilitated by Peggy or a Team Taxi member, rejuvenate your week and keep you moving forward. Along with the monthly workshop, these are recorded in case you miss one. You also can connect with other members anytime in our private forum.

Private Social Network

Nope, no data mining done here. What happens at SheTaxi stays at SheTaxi. Fewer distractions than in a public network and no sharing or selling of your information.

Digital Worksheet

Actionable, digital worksheet delivered to your inbox each week to serve as your personal journal so you can track your progress and growth.

Private Newsletter

You’ll be added to a private e-subscription where you will receive weekly encouragement, program updates, promos, and member-only content!

Exclusive Content

Exclusive access to private content in the form of workbooks, blog posts, videos, and podcasts!

Member Forums

The best place to connect with someone on a journey similar to yours is via our private, member-only forum. There is no selling of data and no profiling – just authentic conversations with others. It’s cheaper than therapy!

Community Profile

You’ll get plugged in to the SheTaxi community with your own user profile. This will allow you to engage with others on their journey in discussions, forums, and groups.

Workshop Topics

Establishing Your Road to Well-Being Plan - Setting Up Habits You’ll Stick To
The Power of Self Talk: Maximizing It to Your Benefit
Spring Cleaning - The SheTaxi Way
Maintenance Check - Your Road to Well- Being Plan
Authentic Leadership: Creating a Culture of Trust, Care and High Impact
Identifying and Avoiding the Energy Vampires
Maintenance Check - Your Road to Well-Being Plan
Learning to Accept and Love Your Body
Mindfulness - Overview and Getting Started
Maintenance Check - Your Road to Well-being Plan
Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

Accountability Teams

Why go it alone when it’s so much more fun to carpool?

Join a private group of women who work alongside each other on their personal & professional development. The Team meets twice a month for 90 minutes and is facilitated by SheTaxi Founder, Peggy Paul. If you’re looking for accountability, great support and a more intimate connection, this place is for you. 

Accountability Team Waitlist

Sign up today to reserve your spot. We will notify you as soon as an Accountability Team is available.

Membership FAQ

Your first month of membership is free. If you decide it’s not for you, no problem—just be sure to cancel your membership before the free trial ends.

If you opt to cancel your membership, do this at least 2 days before renewal to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

Each month, you get 90 minutes of dedicated content just for you. Upon joining, you’ll customize your own well-being plan and we’ll check in on your status quarterly. On the other months, you’ll attend workshops dedicated to fuel your inner drive and keep moving your forward. 

The remaining 8 months (those not in your quarterly plan), you will receive a 90-minute retreat/workshop dedicated to fueling your inner drive. 

Each month, there will be two 60-minute community connection sessions between members. It’s your opportunity to ask questions, share struggles, and get support from members and Team Taxi.

Each month, you will gain access to a members-only podcast that digs into topics that affect women every day. 

SheTaxi is a private, members-only community. We WILL NOT share or track your data, nor will we mine your information for further advertising or promotion.

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