Member: Establishing Your Well-Being Plan workshop

I have never thought about well-being this way and what the mind, body and spirit mean.

I like how realistic it is and it’s set up for what works for me.

Member: Tune-Ups

These help reinvigorate me.

I always feel better. It helps me focus.

I love the mindfulness exercise, helps me reboot.

It gets me to slow down and do something for myself.

I like how Peggy takes gratitudes one step further.

Accountability Team: Experience

I’ve learned how important it is to be in a group and not do it alone.

I’ve made connects and stuck with it!

I so appreciate the unwavering support from and for each other.

I need the connection and person-ability that it offers so I feel more invested and supported going through the well-being plan.

It helps me be accountable and helps me to remember to take care of myself regularly.

I feel happier and more fulfilled!

Being a part of this team, you truly learning and growing from others.

Peggy is an overall champion for every one of us.

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