At the beginning of every year about 40% of all adults in the U.S. make some form of “New Year’s Resolution”. However, of those people about 23% quit in the first week and only 9% actually keep their resolution long-term or to completion.

Our Healthy Living & Self-Care Circles are changing those stats! In our groups women get the support, resources and accountability to be successful in changing the habits that no long serve the life they want to live. Whether you start in the new year or recommit later in the year, we have a group that can help!

Clearheaded Carpool

If you want to take a look at your alcohol consumption, create a healthier relationship with alcohol and/or get support to kick it to the curb all together, this group is for you! We’ll be sharing some techniques for cementing those healthy habits in a supportive group environment with women that have the same goals.

This is a 6-week group that meets virtually once a week for 60-minutes. Cost for the program is $149. Contact Peggy to get on the wait list for the next group to take the next step to a healthier YOU! 

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