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It is common that people get promoted to management positions without any training and support. All of a sudden you’re a leader and expected to know more than the team that you manage. And what happens – you hide. You feel insecure and try to do anything you can so that no one knows you’re an imposter. Your employer may put on those annual management training seminars, however there’s no follow through or opportunities to share real case scenarios that you can share and receive feedback/guidance on. 

Some employers offer mentor programs, however, these programs can limit the interaction between the mentee and mentor due to the fact that you work for the same business. Whether it be office politics or trust concerns, it is hard put your full confidence in the relationship. SheTaxi provides you a safe and authentic avenue to ask the questions you really want to ask and talk about topics that matter. It’s okay to say “I have no clue”, “what does that mean” or “what do I do”?

I will take you through exercises to develop your inner self, strengthen your confidence as a leader, teach key management principles and improve your business acumen. You will also gain feedback and support from your peers who desire to develop their leadership and management skills. 

Feel free to send Peggy a message if you want to learn more.

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