Nonprofit Bootcamp

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You’ve been hired to lead a nonprofit, however, you have no training or support to ensure your success.  Many people who start nonprofits, or that are hired to lead do not have the experience or skills to successfully fulfill their mission. With limited budgets, nonprofits are not able to afford coaches, consultants or learning and development programs needed to move their business forward. That’s where SheTaxi comes in.

The Nonprofit Bootcamp takes you through all of the major principles for running a thriving nonprofit. From establishing an effective Board of Directors, developing strategic plans, determining your best fundraising strategies, and executing effective programming, this six-month course will enlighten, educate and empower you to thrive as a nonprofit leader.

This is an affordable way for a nonprofit leader to learn, grow and thrive in their role. In the Nonprofit Bootcamp you work alongside your peers and establish priorities to move your mission forward. I provide the guidance, coaching and accountability to ensure you and your mission are moving forward. Upon completion, you will have increased your business acumen, developed greater confidence as a leader and have a solid path to running your business.

Feel free to send Peggy a message if you want to learn more.

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