Whole Woman's Circle

Bring It With You (bringing the healthy and good in your life with you and ridding of the negative) (Mor Shani)

When you strengthen your inner self, the rest will come. You’ll live more authentically and improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. You’ll make better food choices, manage your money more wisely, take better care of your body and ultimately FEEL BETTER. This is not a short-term solution; making change takes consistency and support. 

Whole Woman's Circle

The Whole Woman’s Circle focuses a cohesive group of women to work on their inner-selves. Focusing on this self-work helps improve overall well-being and strengthen a woman in every role of her life. Circle members gain support and accountability from each each other and for themselves. The Circle is a private space for members to have real conversations on how things are going and ensures dedicated time for a woman to work on herself every month.

This is a ‘judge-free’ zone. Where you are and the pace by which you move on your journey is completely up to you. The success of the Circle depends on its members. The number one criteria is that each member is committed to the group.

Your facilitator, along with members, are here to support you, give you guidance, accountability and maybe a few pushes. Peggy facilitates and manages each session, and provides the monthly self-work for members.

One of the biggest elements to well-being and making change is to be a part of a supportive group of like-minded individuals. Whole Woman’s Circle is that group. Whether you desire to focus time for yourself, or set personal development goals, being in a supportive community is essential for staying on course.

Feel free to send Peggy a message if you want to learn more.

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