Learn About Peggy’s Well-Being Journey

Initially Peggy created a website, SheTaxi, to have a place for women to simply "feel better”. She spent years trying to learn from professionals on how to boost her self-esteem, reduce her depression/anxiety, lose weight and live to her fullest potential. What she realized is the people she was learning from had never been “in her shoes.” While they were educated and certified, they never seemed to struggle with the issues of why Peggy was seeking their help, which left a gap in the ability to get healthier.

After a lot of soul searching, Peggy decided she was going to focus on what really mattered - her inner self. The Well-Being Guide is Peggyʼs journey to live a healthier and happier. What she found amazing was that once she stopped focusing on ʻthe shouldsʻ and the quick-fix programs, she started to thrive. It didnʼt happen overnight. Each day provided its usual challenge of choosing to do what’s best, rather than what felt good (but not necessarily good for you). Peggy always says, “I was really good at not taking care of myself.”

Peggy learned how to walk by a mirror without criticizing her weight, wrinkles, hair, etc., as she had done for most of her years. She began to care less about what people thought of her and care more about living an authentic life.

After taking a realistic and holistic approach to well-being, and literally ʻfeeling better,ʼ Peggy wanted to share her approach with other women, in hopes they can feel good too. “We” live in a superficial culture that allows very little space for women to accept themselves as they are. This impacts your entire well-being. It sounds cliché, but it's quite simple, when you feel good on the inside, the well-being follows.

As a result of her well-being journey, Peggy reduced her anxiety, lost 60 pounds, boosted her spirits, improved her health and stress management. For the first time in her life, SHE FELT GOOD! The Well-Being Guide is Peggy’s journey to live a more healthier and happier life.

Currently Peggy is the Senior Manager of Community Development for the American Cancer Society. She is the past Senior Director of Community Health for the American Heart Association and is grateful to work for a leading health organizations that value the wellness of their employees and community.