Our Thoughts Are How We Create Our Reality

Our Thoughts Are How We Create Our Reality

Think about that…..you think positive thoughts and sometimes if you are like many people those darn negative ones pop in there occasionally too. At least I hope it’s occasionally! Thoughts when conveyed by converting them into language are actually how we create our reality.

Heavy stuff I know but once you are aware of this fact and use either affirmations or intentions you open yourself up to a whole new way of creating possibility in your life and  you can use this energy to propel yourself  into the life that you desire .

Affirmations are usually dissociated, meaning that you are externally looking in a mirror and telling yourself positive attributes. For example…“I  am smart “ or” I love myself”. 

Intentions on the other hand are associated, internal and are usually written down or said to oneself consciously to let the unconscious mind (also called subconscious) manifest your desires. Your thoughts and your subsequent intentions are very powerful tools to allow you to create your reality.

The one important factor in manifesting what you want with intentions is that you must be congruent unconsciously and consciously in order to produce your desired outcome. In other words your beliefs, values, emotions, and decisions must be aligned with your desire. If you feel you may have issues you need to address in this area in order to create what you would like, NLP, is a wonderful practice to help you to be more aligned.

When creating intentions here are a few guidelines:

  • Say them once a day 
  • Use an “I am “ statement to begin your intention
  • When using verbs use an “ing” form (having  instead of have to keep the desire moving forward)
  • Because the Universe will take the path of least resistance; using with ease and grace or ecologically at the end of your intentions is good form and may provide a more pleasant experience.
  • Always phrase the intention in the positive (I am peaceful and loving instead of I am having no fear). This is because the unconscious does not hear the negative…it hears I am having fear. Remember the last time you told your child  – ”Now don’t spill your milk.” What eventually happens at the table…he/she spills their milk.
  • More emotion or senses you can charge your intention with the better
  • Make them reasonably short and concise
  • Make them related to yourself…..you can wish and hope for others but do not make intentions for others

So start simply and see what happens…try getting that great parking spot at work or eat healthier. They can be applied to all aspects of your life. Remember to be grateful and patient…Timing is everything.

Love to hear what you have created!

Meet the Author

Sally Shepherd is committed to assisting women awaken to their full potential through healing modalities that allow for personal growth, enabling them to thrive, realize their dreams, and live a fulfilling life. Having experienced her own growth and shift in spirituality and perspective, she lovingly guides others with the wisdom and inspiration she knows women yearn for. She strongly believes in each individual’s potential, and helps him or her see that they matter.


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