RESOURCES Tools to move you forward. And, yes you can move forward. The first step is to simply start. The tools below will put the process in motion.

SheTaxi Membership

Oh yes, you asked for it, you got it. SheTaxi monthly membership includes easy-to-use tools to fuel your inner drive. Accountability – check. Not a lot of time – check. Best of all, you are not alone. If you wish to gain support from others on the SheTaxi journey, you can connect with them via online discussions and virtual conferencing. Who better to support you than someone going through the journey with you?

SheTaxi Membership

Exclusive Content

Exclusive access to private membership content in the form of blogs, videos, and podcasts!

Digital Worksheet

Actionable digital worksheet delivered to your inbox each month to serve as you personal journal so you can track your progress/growth!

Member Meetings

Live digital meetings 2x/month will all SheTaxi members! These are recorded in case you miss one.

Plus so much more!

Coming Soon


Personal and professional development arriving in 2021


Let’s meet in-person when it’s less “COVIDY”. In the meantime, stay tuned, wear your mask and be well. 


We’re here for you. Between starting/owning businesses, executive coaching, family mediation and nonprofit management – we “got your back”. If someone on Team Taxi doesn’t have the skill set you’re looking for- we know someone who does. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get on it.

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