Techniques You Can Use Right Now To Regain Self Love

Techniques You Can Use Right Now to Regain Self Love

How often have you felt angry with yourself or others, felt fearful or made self-deprecating comments in your self talk? Do you measure your worth by comparing yourself to others either feeling inferior or superior? When I have experienced any of these feelings in the past it has left me feeling drained, small, and it has put limits on my possibility. I also believe that these emotions or energy can be stored in our cells and can lead to dis-ease. What if you could assist your body in dissipating these emotions and or releasing them. Here are a few suggestions…try them out and see how you feel afterward.

Sending light and love;

Consider sitting quietly, close our eyes, and imagine your heart is filled with golden light. Imagine sending that light to each of your organs in your body while saying…I love my heart, I love my eyes…until you feel complete. Really feel love for your body and feel gratitude for all your body does for you. 

Spring Forest Qigong Energy Breathing

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and imagine you are in a calm, happy place. Allow your body to fully relax. If sitting, drop your shoulders to the floor, if lying down imagine your body sinking into the floor. As you inhale through your nose imagine a golden light filling your entire body. As you exhale through your nose imagine or say “all my worries, stress, anger, anything that doesn’t support me is leaving my body as smoke or butterflies.” Continue for 15 minutes.


A Hawaiin technique that allows forgiveness, love and gratitude when directed at self or others.

Simply repeat, “I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.”

Being Mindful and Present

Useful for anxiety or fear (False Expectations Appearing Real). Be mindful of your internal self-talk and say no thank you to any habitual ruminating you may find yourself participating in. Breath through it. Be aware of those things you can change and those you have no control over. Distract yourself and be present in the moment. With time the internal chatter will lessen and you will have more energy for more creative, productive endeavors and you will support your overall health.

About the Author

Sally Shepherd is committed to assisting women awaken to their full potential through healing modalities that allow for personal growth, enabling them to thrive, realize their dreams, and live a fulfilling life. She strongly believes in each individual’s potential, and helps her or him see that they matter.


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