The importance of a treat yo’ self day

The Importance of a Treat Yo’ Self Day

Treat yo’ Self

Most of the people I know don’t allot much time or energy to themselves, and there are a lot of explanations for it: feeling guilty, putting others first, not having much disposable income, not having the time, feeling that there is always something more urgent to do, etc. The list could go on and on. 

My close friend and I have literally planned a “Treat yo’ Self” day.  

We have planned a full day of fun activities, a grand meal and some local sightseeing. Most importantly, we have decided not to spend the day calculating every purchase in terms of how many groceries it could buy or bills it could pay for. 

Living in an environment where every purchase is stressful, the first of the month is nerve-racking, and the idea of “treating ourselves” is a dream for the future, we think it’s important to spend one day setting those worries on the shelf.  I can assure you that so many days of being money conscious will prevent us from buying anything diamond-studded or cashmere, but it won’t prevent us from having a worry-free day where we enjoy one another’s company and give ourselves some much-deserved attention. 

However, if setting aside a whole day for crazy activities and outings is unrealistic, I think it’s important to Treat yo’ Self to little things on occasion. It’s time that we as women realize that to be productive, nurturing and sane, we have to put our needs higher.

We intend for this new holiday to jump off the screen and make its real world debut, so if you’re interested in throwing inhibitions to the wind and treating yo’ self, join us on March 3rd, and spread the word. 

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Kirsten Taylor is a Millennial Team Taxi contributor currently working at Russell Herder in Minneapolis as a public relations specialist. She is returning to school to pursue a degree in secondary education to become a high school English teacher.


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