Daily tune In. Upon rising what is your first thought? 

___ A. “Ugh, I’m really tired, it’s going to be a hectic day“.

___B. “I am ready to make it a great day today“.

I am checking box B.

You have a choice. Make it a great day or wallow in your sorrows? Sure, we all have bad days, but if we can transmute the sadness, confusion, anger or disappointment we can claim joy, happiness, and freedom. When we focus on our physical energy more than our emotional energy, our day can unravel. If you spend fifteen minutes in the morning setting your intention, breathing and smiling you can kick the energy zappers to the curb. Easier said than done, right? Take baby steps. This new habit will grow and blossom once you answer the call to action. I told myself “not one more time” am I going to wake up looming in grumpiness. Once I started daily mediation with mudra’s and mantra’s writing down affirmations where I can see them, intention setting, pulling oracle cards, and working with spirit; my days began with pure positivity. This positive vibration carries me through challenges, fear, doubt and anxiety. Shifting the dense thoughts in your mind shifts your energy. It sparks that flame inside of you. The one that pushes you toward your goals and spreads happiness to those around you. This energetic pattern increases tenfold when you share it with others.

We have been put here on this planet to spread love, peace, and compassion. Now is the time to shine your light. Beam it out to friends. See the impact you have on your own mental health and the mental health of the Universe. Be a lighthouse.

“Loving and energizing others is the best possible thing we can do”. – James Redfield

About the author;

Peggy Benson is a yoga and meditation teacher, space clearer, visionary, fear tamer and positivity promoter. As an intuitive, she channels spirit guiding clients to change their energetic footprint, creating alignment within their homes and lives so they may find joy, peace, clarity and harmony. In her day job, she works as an optician. Outside of the office, you will find her going on adventures with her husband and three grandkids, baking, reading, listening to music, cheering for the MN Twins.


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