Weekly Fuel

We understand that life can be busy, which makes it difficult to care for yourself. That’s why we created the Weekly Fuel! 

The Weekly Fuel is a condensed podcast (under 5 minutes!), perfect for those who are on the go or don’t have time to listen to our full-length episodes. Tune in each week to get your easy-to-incorporate tip to fuel your inner drive! 

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18. Challenges With Chafing

Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, is joined by Michelle Gorny, nutrition educator, yoga instructor and massage therapist, to discuss how chafing affects our body. Michelle recommends Body Glide, a product available in sporting goods stores, as a treatment for chafing.

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17. Take the Step for Outcome

Tune in as Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, discusses how to challenge yourself by incorporating more movement into your life.

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16. 28 Days to Form A Habit

Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, is joined by life coach Carrie Romsos to provide us with the steps necessary to form new habits. Carrie explains that it takes 28 days to fully form a habit and that consistency is key. Tune in and fuel your inner drive.

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15. Why Daily Reflection Is So Important

Join us as Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, explains the importance of daily reflection. Begin your day with an affirmation, and stay focused on what you’re working on.

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14. Pay Attention to Self-Talk

Certified life coach Carrie Romsos joins Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, to discuss the importance of self-talk. Touching on topics such as gratitude, journaling, and affirmation, they explain how your body physically manifests what’s in your mind. Positive self-talk is vital to confidence, and we—especially women—often don’t realize how badly we can harm ourselves with negative self-talk.

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13. The Importance of Gratitude

Carrie Romsos, certified life coach, joins Peggy Paul, CEO and Founder of SheTaxi to talk about the importance of gratitude. Practicing gratitude improves our lives even though we may feel we’re at a low point. This Weekly Fuel’s motto is, “Where you are today is where you’ve wished you were in the past.”

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12. Why Journaling Is So Important

Certified life coach Carrie Romsos joins Peggy Paul, founder of SheTaxi, to chat about the importance of journaling and how it can help us to rid our minds of negative thoughts. Journaling helps us reflect on our feelings and understand that we have the ability to change over time.

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11. Why A Healthy Breakfast is So Important

Michele Gorny, who is a nutrition educator, yoga and pilates instructor, and massage therapist, joins Peggy to talk about why it’s important to eat a healthy breakfast every day. She also provides some examples of healthy breakfasts and explains how they work to stave off cravings and boost metabolism.

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10. How to Start Exercising When You Are So Overweight

Michele Gorny, who is a nutrition educator, yoga and pilates instructor, and massage therapist, joins Peggy to discuss how to begin an exercise regimen even if it seems daunting.

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9. Getting Your Tools In Order

Certified life coach Carrie Romsos joins Peggy to discuss how important it is to have all of your tools organized and at your disposal throughout your well-being journey. These tools include a journal, a weekly goal tracker, tennis shoes, music to motivate you, a photo of yourself as you begin your journey, and positive affirmations.

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8. Get Your Sleep

This Weekly Fuel’s focus is getting enough sleep, which is just as important as water, food, and air. Sufficient sleep helps your immune system to function optimally.

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7. Reducing Sodium in Your Diet

This Weekly Fuel focuses on reducing our sodium intake. On average, Americans consume 340 mg of salt daily, while the American Heart Association recommends a limit of 150 mg. For the sake of your cardiac health, we encourage you to start reading food labels and becoming conscious of what you eat on an everyday basis.

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6. Going Alcohol-Free

In this Weekly Fuel, Peggy challenges you to eliminate alcohol from your diet for a week. Alcohol is very socially accepted in the United States, despite only having negative impacts on your body. Reducing your alcohol intake can decrease your risk of cancer.

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5. Avoid Fried Foods

In this Weekly Fuel, Peggy chats about avoiding fried foods. Most American adults have high cholesterol levels due to eating an excess of trans fats, oils, and calories. At restaurants, you can become cognizant of what you’re eating by educating yourself on the ingredients in your food. When you reject fried food, you’ll quickly notice positive changes in your mental and physical health.

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4. Making Life Inconvenient

In this Weekly Fuel, Peggy explains why we should sometimes go out of our way to reduce the level of convenience in our lives. Americans’ physical health has plummeted because we’ve grown so accustomed to the easy way out. But by accepting (and even creating) a small amount of inconvenience, you can incorporate more physical activity into your day.

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3. Taking a Break From the News

In this Weekly Fuel, Peggy introduces the concept of news fasting. The stressful headlines of 2020 didn’t do our emotional and mental well-being any favors. Simply ignoring the unnecessary or repeated negative soundbites will create more space for nurturing your mind, body and soul.

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2. Water

In this Weekly Fuel, Peggy educates us on the importance of meeting our hydration needs by regularly consuming enough water. Staying hydrated augments our mental and physical well-being and aids weight loss.

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1. Gratitude

This Weekly Fuel is about practicing gratitude. What you are grateful for in your life? How can you adjust your lens to view the glass as half full rather than half empty?

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